Well, i know it's early, so I should definitely cut them some slack, but is anyone else a bit disappointed with Kip and Craig? I've listened to the first two episodes and I think they need another player or two. It was the back and forth banter and humor that DogWatch had that made it work, along with the sonic variety of the multiple voices. Both Kip and Craig talk well about cigars, but I definitely will look for better interplay between the two to liven things up a bit and to get it a bit less "cigar geeky" sounding. I'm picky, so I already know that I'm being a something of a dick about this.

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Okay. Just went through episode 3... With Bob and Dale from (DogWatch) as guests. Bam. The banter and humor is back. Someone on the new show needs to be a wiseass. Way better to watch or listen, now.

Points taken...although I'll have to weigh that with the other folks who asked for just the opposite - we had comments that asked for more cigar/less "other" from people who didn't want so much back and forth.  We'll find some usable format at some point, with full knowledge that while it spawned from a couple of Dogwatch guys, it isn't a direct replacement.  It's a new show - good grief, we've been at this whole show production thing all of 16 days now.  Give us a little bit of slack.

PS - how did you just go through episode 3 only 20 or so minutes after I posted a 2.5hour show?

Hi, Kip. I misspoke, in that I should have said I was going thru the show. I do also know, and said such, that I need to give you guys a break here in the early days. That said, I REALLY liked the questions segment about the industry and memories. It's a keeper! I'm still listening to you guys and look forward to seeing you live in a couple of Fridays. Best wishes...

No worries.  I'm not one to get my panties in a bunch over constructive criticism...it's quite helpful if the folks who catch the show can give us some direction in where the majority's interests lie.  Thanks for checking in!



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