I just received these today. Has anyone had these? Are they any good?

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Not sure if I've ever had this, but my overall thought on Gurkha is not very positive - I think I've had 2 or 3 that I've liked, and even those were not worth the MSRP.

Agreed. Gurkha MSRP's are bigger lairs than the US government. I have smoked Gurkha that I have enjoyed other than the Cellar Reserve and the Centurian. 

I just smoked one of these. They are just ok in my opinion. They are a smooth, mellow, light bodied smoke. The draw was even. The aftertaste is not bad at all.

I would never pay retail for them, but the $3.40 a stick I paid for them is not bad. I won them in an auction.

Would I recommend them? No, not for the MSRP. But I am going to finish the 9 I have remaining.
Ten big ol' sticks for $34? That don't suck? Not too bad off, I'd say. If you ever just want to sample some Gurkhas, cigar.com has a perpetual build your own Gurkha sampler, 10 for $30. Only catch is you can only get one of each line/size, and of course the selection is limited to what's currently available. However, they also have a perpetual build your own sampler of lots of brands that gives you 10 for $50, or 20 for $80. However, same applies, only one of each line/size. Even so, it seems you could build a decent discount at $4-$5 a stick.

A good deal is a good deal, right?
Haven't tried that one yet. But I'm one of those rare birds that like Gurkhas. I've tried quite a few and liked most. Except for burn and construction issues that is. They seem to have more than what I feel is normal.



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