Hi my names Garron, I forgot to read the rules, I'll do that after this post. Finally decided to go ahead and setup an acct on here. Living in Key West, Military ( I try not to parade that online as much as possible). Been smoking for a few years now. I have been involved with a few other cigar forums including stogiefriends. Just venturing out and wanting to gather more info and increase or diverse my participation online. Something like that. I enjoy cigars (as we all do) but I feel like I've been craving more information than I normally receive so I guess there are questions in my head about the cigar industry, releases, and what not that I don't find is common easy accessible information. I say that to say Im trying to expand my knowledge.

Glad to be here, hope to be involved and to contribute, and meet some friends. Maybe have a chance to smoke one in person with some of you.


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Thanks for signing up and welcome.

Welcome! What have you been smoking and enjoying lately?

Welcome Garron, besides this place another place for great info in the cigar world is halfwheel.com. 

Yup, I frequent HW quite often.

Welcome. I have been to Key West a few times for the Sunset Celebration. It was pretty fun.

Definitely a great place to find out info above and beyond the typical slob, often straight from the brains of the manufacturers.  Glad to have you!

Glad to have you! Welcome.

First off, thank you for your service.  Welcome aboard.

Thank you guys for the warm welcome.

Welcome aboard. Great bunch of cigar lovers and a wealth of knowledge.

#Day3 bump



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