What is your favorite general purpose smoke? I like the Ortega Series D.  Great with coffee in the morning or a steak dinner.

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Great question. I think there are a few that fit this profile for me. Illusione cigars prive SA maduro robusto is a medium strength, med-full flavor smoke that I can handle in the morning with coffee and stands up to a nice bourbon in the evening. And it isn't a cigar that will break the bank. A lot of the warped stuff coming out of TABSA also comes to mind: la hacienda, guardian of the farm, and maestro del tiempo. I'm sure I'll think of more later, but this is what jumps out to me. 

RoMa Craft Aquitaine

Warped La Hacienda

L'Atelier La Mission

Tatuaje Brown Label (Cazador)

Padron X000 Series

Are the ones that immediately come to mind.



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