Take a look at the first shirt I added. http://store.cigarfederation.com/products/im-a-fedhead-t-shirt

The mock ups of the shirts on the actual colors we will sell are coming soon.

Here is where I need your help.....

Give me ideas for shirts. It can be funny, it can be stupid, it can make fun of Rob, I really just want to know what you want to see on a shirt.

Once I get a bunch of good ideas I will get them added and we will run a huge sale on the shirts so you can get the ones you want.


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The best I can think of at the moment is "aaaaaaand we're f*****g back", but I think it'd be lost in a tshirt. I'll have to get back to you
What about the logos from the community cigars?

you'd probably need permission from the other companies involved, but I think the label on the buckingham packaging, the racks on racks logo, and the pic used for the announcement of the throwdown would all make pretty cool t-shirts. I'd definitely buy those. 

I think that is a great idea.I think we could easily do this and it shouldn't be too tough to make that happen.

I like these ideas

How about some sort of cigar and coffee shirt. A basic image of a coffee mug and a cigar with something like...

Breakfast of Champions

You can talk to me after I've finished

I take my coffee black with a side of cigar

Great idea. I love these.

I like the new shirt in stock, and I like the choices of colors....very nice touch. I would like if you could add a 3XLT or even a 4X for us husky dudes.

Got 3xl in there for sure but 4xl doesn't seem like it will happen.

Fair enough......thanks

How about a Cigar Safari tee shirt with a group picture on the front. Might only be a selective group that would buy though...

Another great idea



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