I finally found a decent cigar site after Davidoff pulled the plug on Social Cigar, yeah I know it took me long enough. I've been smoking cigars for around 40 years and really picked up after retiring. I've made a lot of good friends in the cigar world and hope to meet a few more.

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Welcome, Duane, to the best cigar social media group out there. Incredibly knowledgeable folks who love cigars and are educated and polite.

Thanks Brother.

Welcome to The Federation!  This is a very friendly place with virtually no drama, which is a very nice escape in this day and age.  Post up those cigar pics and I'm sure you'll make more friends.

Welcome Home Brother!

Welcome!  What are some of your favorite smokes?

Welcome Duane!

Thanks to everyone for the welcome this sure sounds like the place to be.

I'll work on some pictures but sometimes the technology eludes me. LOL

As for my favorite smokes.....well with the exception of anything homogenized or grape flavored I think that any cigar is better than no cigar at all. I do tend to lean toward about anything from the Garcias and the Padron thousand series is always a sure bet. Since I do tend to burn 2-3 a day I keep a humidor of bundle sticks. The PDR A Crop in both claro and oscuro are on the top of my list at present. With the advent of this FDA crap going on there are a lot of top tier sticks out there going for bundle prices.



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