What are the thoughts on FSG tobacco?  I love the idea of bringing more tobacco cultivation back to the US, but is it ready for prime time yet?  

Anybody tried a cigar with it and and loved it?  Hated it?

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Based on the Corona catalog it looks like that tabaquito is 100% FSG.  Nice to finally know.

My sampler delivered over the weekend.  Looking forward to trying the various iterations.  

I havnt personally tried them but have also been very curious. I was talking to an Orlando native at a shop in Dallas and he said the the Corona Nicaraguan 20th Anniversary which has FSG tobacco is the really good and they are pretty cheap a box of 20 is only $100. This or the sampler with the DE and Davidoffs that have FSG are on my list

The sampler that I picked up had the Corona 20th Anniversary cigar in it in addition to the DE and Davidoff sticks..  It was made at Casa Fernandez, as is the Intensa that was included, so I expect it will be good.



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