What are the thoughts on FSG tobacco?  I love the idea of bringing more tobacco cultivation back to the US, but is it ready for prime time yet?  

Anybody tried a cigar with it and and loved it?  Hated it?

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I've smoked both of the DE FSG's.  I can't say with certainty that it was 100% because of the FSG Corojo, but the blend was kind of flat for me, and had a lot of sourness to it.  It was an okay cigar, but not something I'd seek out.

The LE on the other hand was good at first, but the second one I smoked a few months ago was Liga-level.  REALLY good.  This one used both the Corojo from the regular blend and the Criollo, which apparently had much lower yeilds, hence the LE.

I'm definitely interested in trying the new Casa Fernandez made FSG... I might pick a couple up this week.

Thanks for the info.  It looks like maybe I'll pick up an LE or two and maybe a couple of the 20th Anniversary FSG sticks to try.

I just picked up a FSG Variety Pack Sampler from Corona.  It has one each of DE, DE LE, Corona 20th, Davidoff 20th, FSG tabaquito and Intensa FSG.  That should answer any questions I have about the leave, I suppose.

I was eyeing the same sampler Jeff, I'm curious if any of those blends were able to find a good balance. I smoked a regular DE FSG at an event last year and felt the same as Tripp, wasn't wowed by it even going in wanting to like it.

It looks like that might be the consensus on the DE FSG sticks.  Maybe time will help them.  We'll see.

I bought a box the LEs blind. I figured that with Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper (Liga 9 or UF-13 anyone?), Mexican SA binder (Undercrown anyone?) and filler from DE staples it couldn't be anything but a winner. I had an inverse relationship with the first two smoked as compared to Tripp. First one was excellent. Liga-ish for me. The second one, a few months later, was just good. I was feeling anti-Maduro on the second one, so that may have influenced how I felt. I did not get any sour flavors off either, thankfully. I am very glad to have them and look forward to revisiting soon. In the end, though, the Herrera Esteli TAA Maduro was the DE release that wowed me, not the FSG as of yet.

Thanks for the feedback, Sam.  It'll be interesting to see how the consistency of the LE holds up as you move through that box.  I have one from the sampler, but I was going to wait at least a couple of months before I tried it.  Now I'm not sure if I should wait or not.

The FSG Toro had a distinctive flavor that was brighter than usual.  Surgeon suggested orange or grapefruit and I have to concur that it is reminiscent of the sourness from grapefruit.  It's not something I would grab every day, but it is worth trying and I think that with the proper pairing it could be very enjoyable.

I think you should be fine to smoke it now. I imagine they're from the same initial order, because I haven't seen them sold out. I guess I was either lucky to not have the citrus/sour notes, or they were there and I just didn't catch it.

I actually enjoyed the sourness.  It brightened up the taste.  I did notice that my mouth became dry while smoking, but I'm not sure this wasn't from the Imperial Coffee Stout that I cracked open a little ways into the cigar.  I wonder how it would pair with an Arnold Palmer.

Jeff, all this talk has me wanting to light one up! It'll have to wait a bit, but it's moving up on my list of to be smoked. I'll be on the lookout for grapefruit/citrus/sour this time.

See if you can get your hands on the FSG Tabaquito and smoke it.  The details are a little scarce on this blend but I believe this may be an FSG purito.  Corona has them for $8, which seems a little high for what they are, but it really let me taste what FSG brings to the party.

Will do!



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