Paul @ Flatbed Cigars wants to make it easier for those Fed Heads that have not yet tried any of his fabulous cigars. To make it easy on your budget and to keep your significant other happy, Paul has released a ONE TIME USE discount code for 40% off your ENTIRE ORDER!!

Use code: try40

40% off your entire order...WOW!!! You've been wanting to try them, you've put cigars in your shopping cart but did not pull the trigger...well NOW is the time to do it!! 40% off is a generous offer, Paul is a great guy, and his cigars are top notch...did I mention 40% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER??? Oh yea, I did mention that you can use code try40, and receive 40% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!!!

What'cha waiting for??? Go git ya sum!!!! Tell all your cigar loving friends to git sum too!!!!

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I recently tried the Panacea Black, Green and San Andres.  I enjoyed all three and got the most flavor from the San Andres.



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