Let's get a pass going! 

I know most of you are familiar with the idea of a pass, but I'll break it down real quick.  I'll start the pass with 20 sticks or so.  Folks will sign up to participate and I'll put together a pass order.  When that is all set, I'll launch to the first person on the list.  When he (or she) receives the pass, he (or she) will look at the contents and pick a few sticks to take.  It is then his (or her) job to replace those sticks with something of equal or greater value from his (or her) personal collection.  Pretty simple.

There are a few rules though.  You have to be an active CigFed member in good standing.  When you receive the pass, you must first send me a private message including pics of your proposed takes and puts.  I want to keep it fair, so I will approve everyones takes and puts before the pass moves on.  I won't be super picky, I just want to make sure that everyone involved gets a shot at some good sticks.  I do ask that you take and put an equal amount of cigars.  Example: don't take one OpusX and replace it with 5 Alec Bradley Black Markets.  Feel free to include an additional Weasel Warhead in the pass if you want.  Say you get the pass and you see that The_Nothing is getting it next and you've been meaning to send him something.  Go ahead and include a separate bag of sticks in there for him, just be sure you make it obvious that those are not part of the pass.

The goal is for folks to be able to try something new.  Hopefully the pass will have some stuff that you have never tried before or can't get in your area.

So, who wants in?  I's like to get this out on Monday and have it go to at LEAST 10 people.  As far as the quality of sticks that are included, it will be a mixed bag.  I know everyone has different sized humidors and different collections.  So it will be a mix of hig-end, boutique, HTF and mainstream stuff.  You can take as many sticks as you want, just be sure to put back an equal number of stuff that is of similar value.

If you have questions, hit me up publicly or privately.

Pass Participants:

  1. RobbyRas
  2. 007MI6
  3. Smokin Logan
  4. Bill Williams 
  5. Jared Grillot
  6.  Harley Holmes
  7.  Dougie D. (D²) 
  8.  Brett Harrington
  9.  HardlyClerkin®
  10.  The Nothing
  11.  Fatkid
  12.  Fourkicksfan 

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did this thing ever get off the ground?

ha, nope... in a stunning turn of events, I got sidetracked (probably by a shiny object) and totally forgot... but I'd still like to do it, so lemme see if I can get it moving again

HA! yes!  exactly... I was looking for the clip from Modern Family where the daughter is giving a list of symptoms of ADD while Phil is acting them out... but I couldn't find it... but this is probably more fitting

Amazing. Rob has worst ADD than me, but at least I am medicated.

my ADD is WORST than yours?  at least your english is gooder

I can't get medication for being a spelling idiot

Mine is medicated too.. light cigar, pour scotch and/or rum.. repeat

Has worke... SQUIRREL!!! 

Also, we really need a pass system to track passes since CF is growing and passes will as well.

yeah, get on that... once you have that coded out, I'll start the pass...  see, everything, whether we know it or not, is Logan's fault

Everything that was now is gooder than what was before.

I am just truly impressed with the upscale and convivial english that is bombarding my brain at the moment.



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