Hopefully you all got into our Super Bowl Box Pool with a prize of 300+ cigars, but in the spirit of the Big Game and with our very generous partners - Felix Assouline - we have decided to offer two contests in conjunction with the Super Bowl!

This first one is easy.  For a Felix Assouline 4-cigar sampler, all you have to do is reply to this thread with the winner, and final score of the Super Bowl!  The person who is closest without going over will win (if we have a tie, the first person to respond to this will be the winner)!

Good luck to all and let me know if you have any questions!

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Broncos 27 Seattle 17

Denver 33 Seattle 27

Denver 35 Seattle 17

Denver 28-20

Seattle 27, Denver 20

...but i would love to see Denver 44, Seattle 31. Or whatever numbers fit my boxes in the pool!

Seattle 21 Denver 20...

Manning throws INT to end the game!

Seattle 24 Denver 20

Seattle 0ver Denver - 23 to 13

#1 Defense beats #1 Offense in cold weather low scoring game.

Denver 37-20

Denver...total score 27 (17-10)

Broncos 28 Seahawks 17

35-28 denver



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