I can't get enough March Madness, nor can there be enough bracket contests for me. I thought this year I could run one and see if anyone here would like to participate. I set up a Yahoo group for us to use:


Password: cigarfederation

My thought is to have everyone contribute a min 2 cigars and I will distribute the prizes. If you want to join,  please send me a PM and I will give you my address to send your cigar entry.


1 bracket per person 
Entry is min 2 cigars  (up to 5 if you're feeling generous)

3rd place will get 2 cigars from pool 
2nd place will get 4 cigars from pool 
1st place gets everything else! 

Mail your 2+ cigar entry by 3/16/18. Prizes will be mailed out the week after championship game. 

Other thoughts:
If we don't get enough participants for the winner to get more cigars than 2nd and 3rd, I will kick in a couple extra! Lord knows I have way too many.  If people contribute more than 2 each and we get a good sized pool, I may up the winnings for 2nd and 3rd by a couple. 

I'm open to ideas too so feel free to throw them out there!

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I'm in. I'll sign up later when I'm on my laptop

Great! Thanks, Stefan!

yo you weasels the kid is back and i have never done this bracket thing before but im down

my bracet is done pm addy info

Cool! Thanks I'll send you a PM

Reminder to get your brackets in this morning if you want to participate! We only have a couple in so this will basically work out like a small trade at the moment. 

Got mine in.

Well, we didn't exactly get a huge turnout for this, but Stefan destroyed me and Max and took 1st place. Stefan, you get the prize for best bracket! And Max, I will send you a PM. If you want to drop me your address, I'd be glad to send you a couple sticks as well. Thanks guys for joining in!

damn that was a close but stefan killed us thanks jeff for this u rock bro

Let me know if I need to send anything out

Thank u Jeff my smokes r here can’t wait to light one up


Glad they made it. Thanks for playing and hope you like 'em!



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