So the top 10 and top 25 cigar lists are starting to descend, but I'm wondering what everyone here felt was their own top 10 of 2016?

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I totally forgot about that Opus was new Sam!!  I did really enjoy that one.

They're hard to find, but at MSRP, I'm a fan, Ken!

The best is (to no one's surprise) the re-release of the Illusione Phantom. Next would be the 2016 Viaje Leaded.

After that, some notable standouts for me (in no particular order):

BLTC Bishop's Blend

Blk Wks Green Hornet

BLTC Santa Muerte

Illusione Cigars Prive SA maduro (robusto)

Illusione h-town lancero

Illusione ultra no. 3 (short robusto)

Warped MDT -- the limited release with medio tiempo

Warped GOTF Apollo

Warped Corto x46

DTT Sobremesa short churchill

Cornelius & Anthony Cornelius Toro

Laranja h-town lancero

Neanderthal h-town lancero

Tabernacle (up in the air which size I prefer)

Matilde Quadrata Toro

A few cigars I had this year I thought showed flashes of brilliance, that may turn out to be phenomenal: HE inktome, Tatuaje K222 and Illusione Haut 10.

The single best cigar I smoked this year, well, it's a tie: 2010 Phantom and the Cohiba Siglo (III I think) gifted to me by Surgeon. 

Nice list Stefan

How could I forget this one: Cubaraquenoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lancero

My experience with actual new blends this year was exceptionally limited (my entire list is shorter than some of these "favorites" list), but, this is what I've got:

Warped MDT - Really dug this. Smooth and sweet. I could smoke these every day. (Once I can afford $10+ every day, anyway...)

BLTC TKSP - Hate to suck up to Logan as much as anyone, but I love these every time I fire one up, and get a little sad that I have one less.

However, even though this is not "new" this year, the best mostly new thing I've smoked all year is the RoMa Neanderthal HN. Skip's blends, as good as they are, usually play havoc with my brain and stomach. This one, though, the wood, leather, spice flavors were just too good, and this size didn't give me nicotine poisoning. Really big, really flavorful, and I didn't die. His best blend ever, IMO.

Jared, I'm trying to get closer to your end.  I said I was going to cut back on new releases in 2016 but bought about as many new releases as I did in 2015.  I still want to get to the place where I'm smoking/buying mostly known favorites.

Before I change though, I still want try that TKSP and Green Go.  I keep almost buying both

I think my number 1 for the year is the Sobremesa Short Churchill.  For me, it's a lot like the La Mission '59 was last year, where it happens to tickle my palate in all the right places, and as an added bonus, the Sobremesa has just the right amount of strength that I can smoke it any time of the day.

Other sticks that are high on my list this year:

Neanderthal Lancero

Illusione H-Town Lancero

BLTC Bishop's Blend

BLKWKS Killer Bee and Green Hornet

Herrera Esteli Inktome

Herrera Esteli TAA

Caldwell All Out Kings(though it's not really out yet)

La Mission 1955

Nomad Martial Law

Nice list Tripp.  I didn't want to include the La Mission newly released vitola because La Mission  was my #1 cigar last year, other wise the 1955 would definitely be on my list (fantastic cigar).

I gotta say the 1955 has been a miss for me. I've smoked a half dozen or so and none have wowed me...totally different experience than the 59. And that's a shock to me, because I love that size typically.

I am shocked to hear that too.  I've had a 1955 that was every bit as good as any other La Mission I've had.  Overall though, my palate ranks it behind the 1989 and in front of the 1959.

I really liked the '55, but it's a very different animal than the rest of the line.  The original 3 blends are strong, spicy, brash and heavy on the palate.  The '55 on the other hand has similar flavors, but is far more balanced and refined.  The same flavors are there for the most part, but they don't jump out at you as much as with the larger RG vitolas.


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