So the top 10 and top 25 cigar lists are starting to descend, but I'm wondering what everyone here felt was their own top 10 of 2016?

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HVC La Especial & Warped Maestro Del Tiempo are tied for 1st place for me

I saw that you reviewed the Maestro on BMP

Here's mine. 


BLTC Bishop Blend

The other 9 (in no particular order):
Emilio Cavatina
CH Las Calaveras 2016 (robusto)
La Flor Domincana 48th TAA
Quesada Reserva Privada Oscuro TAA (robusto)
AVO Classic Covers Vol.3
Matilde Quadrata
HVC La Rosa 520 Reyes
Guaimaro by Esteban Disla

Warped Villa Sombra (robusto)

Honorable mentions (that may eventually replace a cigar listed above):

Foundation Tabernacle

Mombacho Liga Maestro (double robusto)

DTT Mi Querida

Illusione Miserere Singulare

Illusione H-Town Lancero

TAT TAA 2016

CH Angel Anvil 2016 TAA

Hoyo Amistad (how'd this happen?)

RC Intemperance Whiskey Rebellion 1794

Love it! We knew your number one, and I'm glad to see I now have several of the other nine.
And...Hoyo Amistad! is now on my to-try list.
Thanks Sam. Digging your list! Yeah that Hoya surprised me
My top 10 cigars smoked this year, not in order, not necessarily released in 2016:
Illusione H-Town lancero
Herrera Esteli TAA Maduro
Illusione Singularé Rose Croix
HVC La Rosa 520 Reyes
Casa Fernandez Connecticut Reserva
~eccj~ 20th OR
Opus X Oro Xscuro
Neanderthal SGP
Illusione Singularé Miserere
Padron 50 Years Anniversary Family Reserve
By the way, that Casa Fernandez Connecticut Reserva is one I just smoked yesterday after having them for a good year. It is medium bodied, tastes like creamy cashews, and costs $49 for a box of ten. Thompson exclusive.
Thanks for the heads up! Do you know the difference between the Thompson version and the CF Aganorsa Connecticut version
Based entirely on the reviews, I'd say the blends must be pretty different, Ken. The CF AGANORSA Connecticut reviews make the point that it smokes full bodied and is unlike any other Connie in that regard, even as compared to the wave of non-mild Connecticuts. I'm guessing a lot more ligero and higher primings of leaf. The Thompson CF was medium bodied, no spice. That also may be because they've been resting for about a year, though.

Thanks Sam.  I smoked a single of the aganorsa connie but it didn't leave a big impression.  I'll try another one soon.

I haven't smoked one of the new AGANORSA versions, but I'll definitely be buying another box of the Thompson CF Connies. I could see though that anyone looking for any power might not enjoy them. All flavor, medium body at most. Basically my sweet spot.

All flavor = my huckleberry



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