I'm a bit hesitant to propose this because I'm already in 4 leagues, but is there any interest in a Cigar Federation Fantasy Baseball league?

I'd leave registration limited to regulars - or whoever sees this post - but we would need at least 8 teams to play.  We'd use Yahoo and settings would be pretty straightforward.  I'm thinking we'd require 5 cigars entry fee, or perhaps 3 HTF/LE/etc.

Thoughts? Any interest?

Cigar Federation Fantasy Baseball League:

1. Matt Ross

2. RobbyRas

3. HardleyClerkin

4. Craig of @CitrusWalk

5. Texican8

6. Miguel Rocha

7. Flowbee

8. Joe Canez





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I will be sending mine out today.Sorry for the delay.

my bad, I thought we paid at the beginning like football... I'll get this out today or tomorrow...

Hey Matt,

I need the address please, thankyou for including me in your league. What did we decide was the final payment?


I'll PM you the address now.  You owe 5 premium cigars to Texican. Thanks for playing - see you next year.

Mine went out Friday, should be there today.

Done USPS #9114999944238399645565

Also done  9405903699300262848553

Did everyone pay up? Did anyone not receive winnings they were expecting?

i paid... late, as usual, but paid nonetheless 

I know the package I sent was received.

Sorry for the late post work and kids have me going crazy!!!

recieved and it was a great fiver...thanks all!!

I got everything and more.



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