I'm a bit hesitant to propose this because I'm already in 4 leagues, but is there any interest in a Cigar Federation Fantasy Baseball league?

I'd leave registration limited to regulars - or whoever sees this post - but we would need at least 8 teams to play.  We'd use Yahoo and settings would be pretty straightforward.  I'm thinking we'd require 5 cigars entry fee, or perhaps 3 HTF/LE/etc.

Thoughts? Any interest?

Cigar Federation Fantasy Baseball League:

1. Matt Ross

2. RobbyRas

3. HardleyClerkin

4. Craig of @CitrusWalk

5. Texican8

6. Miguel Rocha

7. Flowbee

8. Joe Canez





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Not at all

oh, I'm in... but it looks like it may be a Head to Head league with 2 teams

Never played before but a 5 cigar entry would make me interested

Agree with hardly. Never done it but would be interested for 5 cigars.
I'd love to get in on this.

Ok my cousin is down, I will pay his entry fee when we are ready to roll. Well if we are ever ready to roll

I'll see. I'd like to keep this to members (or people who can be vouched for - like your cousin), but we need a few more to get a league going.

I have never tried Fantasy baseball but the thought of combining two things I love sounds good! Count me in!

Im interested, if you have a spot

any news on this league Matt?

We haven't had enough interest, so not pulling the trigger yet.

Why not...cigars and baseball the American past time!! or mine anyway!!



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