Had to replace my mailbox again yesterday, but at least for good reasons.  The first was a combination thank you gift/special deal courtesy of Bill Williams and Smoke Inn Cigars, in conjunction with Bill's CRA recruiting efforts. I joined up during their recent drive, and look what happened.

If that wasn't enough fun for one mailbox, this showed up from my trade with Charlie, a day ahead of schedule.

My box is luckily packed and ready to ship, because I'd feel bad if these babies are sitting in my humi resting comfortably while Charlie has to wait.  They're going out today Charlie.

Totally stoked about these deliveries. They were an unexpected surprise :)

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No worries Jared, glad you like them and I hope you think they are worth that DE cigar (I have been sweating that cigar for a while now). I order mad cigars so I can wait a few days for a cigar I probably will never smoke.

I'm glad to see that the pigtail/fan cap on the DR made it to you still intact, I picked one that looked very tough. So many times they show up broken off. Hope those CC are in good shape as well ;)

They are in perfect shape. I've had those fantails break off too, but this one is perfect. The others look perfect, smell great.



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