How many of you use Cigar Cartel or CATS on Facebook? What do you like about it? Any feedback is appreciated.

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I am only in one, CSC, and I changed my settings to stop seeing posts. Almost every post was about the admins and their closest buddies and whatever obnoxious dick swinging joke they found self entertaining.

I honestly don't think there is anything wrong with CFed having a presence there, as any traffic there can only help bring people to the website and store. I use Facebook all the time to find new websites.

I was a part of both and left both.

- I dropped CATS when I started seeing too many non cigar related posts...mostly pics of underdressed women.  Maybe a plus for some but I don't join cigar groups to look at or discuss T&A

- I dropped Cigar Cartel because it felt like an overpriced auction site more than a group.  But I pushed the unjoin button when some regulars gave a member a hard time for asking help for identifying mold vs. plum.  They told the guy they don't do those type of posts there.  So I didn't want a remain apart of a community that was reluctant to help a member with a legitimate cigar question.

It sounds like if it was cigar related, people were helpful/friendly like they are here, and there wasn't selling/auctions you would be ok with it. Is that the case?


I've been involved with Forums and newsgroups of my hobbies (Darts, poker, flashlights, watches, cigars) since Al Gore invented the Internet and it always chaps my hide when "vets" give newcomers a hard if they were never in that same position of not knowing. I don't like seeing folks get picked on.

It's easy to tire of seeing some of the same questions reappearing but that's when those who are tired should sit back (keep quiet) and let those willing to help, help.

I understand your marketing angle Logan. Personally, I don't think you need the FB Group presence. This site is something special unto itself, imho. If your desire is to add more members, as a marketing tool, maybe, you should just stress the "specialness" of the site on various platforms and see what happens. "Shake the trees and see what drops."

I follow Cigar Cartel, CO and CATS. I like the CO reviews and you tube stuff, 10,000 Cartel members makes it hard to keep up with. I like checking the posts and maybe learning about new or different cigars.

I rarely use facebook, and am not a part of any facebook groups, cigar related or otherwise. I had de-activated my fb account years ago, and then started a new one just for fb cigar contests. I don't really use it for any other reason, and don't plan to do so. I just don't have the time, and personally I love the site here. 

Now, from a marketing standpoint, as the owner of this site, you gotta do what you gotta do. Just providing my 2 cents. 

Stefan, I have a hobby dedicated FB account that I keep totally separate from my regular FB account.  I could not handle the volume of cigar traffic on my regular FB account.

Better than Twitter, but there are too many of these groups out there. The last thing we need is another cigar Facebook group.

I'm a member of CATS and Cartel, but I rarely participate.  The FB groups are like communities for those with ADHD - maybe not as bad as Dojo, but it is so hard to follow a long term conversation or to participate if you weren't there in the beginning.  I hate that - I want to be able to come back to a conversation down the line or have those in different timezones/schedules participate, but FB doesn't really foster that type of community.  Additionally, there always seems to be drama in these FB groups - usually about drama.  Its like Inception.

Regardless, if you feel the need to expand to FB, its your call, but I would be worried about cannibalizing the current community.  As is, we don't use the forums nearly enough because we have full conversations in the chat.  Imagine if we added FB posts to that - it would just serve to fracture the community into different 'cliques' in my eyes: the chat group, the FB group, the forum lurkers, the rest, etc.

Hmmm….Here is my thinking on the idea. For what it’s worth J


Facebook is a timeline based system on individual posts. Depending on the quantity of posts, a particular post is only relevant for a day, or perhaps even a few hours. Someone posts a picture them of them smoking something, and you get some comments, but that is quickly buried, and no one looks at it again once it’s dropped off the top 10 or so most recent posts.


I think it could be a useful way for you to get out targeted communications and get some feedback from people who might not visit the site or use the app as frequently.


For members, I think it could be good for a person to post up a specific question. If you get in on a post and subscribe to updates then it’s easy to follow, but people are only going to get in on that post when they see it in the timeline. I agree with the general idea that as long as people are nice and respectful then it has potential. I think you would just have to prevent or limit the amount of non-cigar related stuff that gets posted there. I would also not allow people to sell stuff on the group like CATS does.



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