VENTURA, CA—Friday, November 23, 2012, Smokers' Castle received its first allotment of the recently released "REAGAN" Cigar by EZRA ZION CIGARS. OUTSTANDING! I didn't even let the cigar shipment rest before I opened a box, lit one and enjoyed the pleasurable smoke. Delicious!

My congratulations to my friends at EZRA ZION for creating a "Fine Cigar" to kick off their "Honor Series." The "Reagan" is worthy of its namesake and a compliment to cigar aficionados everywhere. The cigar crosses party lines. Republicans and Democrats will both enjoy smoking this cigar. (It's interesting how cigar smoking brings us all together. That's a good reason for our government to stop all this non-sense about regulating and taxing cigars to the extreme degree.)

In any event, when you have the opportunity to smoke the "REAGAN", treat yourself. Also I must add; EZRA ZION INCEPTION is a wonderful cigar for the company to introduce it's self to the world. If you haven't yet smoked the "Inception"; what are you waiting for?!!!

Bob Gregorchuk, Tobacconist

P.S. Smokers' Castle will be featuring the "REAGAN" at the "Cigar of the Week", Friday, November 30, 2012—5:00 till 8:00 P.M.

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I'm trying to let the few i have rest awhile, don't know how long i can wait!

It's hard to do. I know. I tell all my customers that I have to sample the new releases to make sure they're smokeable. Enjoy! Bob Gregorchuk, Ventura, California
I just purchased one yesterday and look forward to giving this cigar a try.

Excellent! Enjoy the REAGAN bro!



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