I didn't know a SA maduro version of All My EXs was in the works.  I've been trying to pull back on SA maduro buying but these have my attention.

They're in the Cfed store now...I believe they're in stock but the store doesn't always list pre-orders as such.

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I had no idea either, but as soon as I saw the email I thought of you...haha
There's an email? Let me see if I can force it to show...my personal email updates are slow moving when I'm at work.
I really like the original blend though so I'm curious how a wrapper change will influence this cigar.

I'm in for these, I enjoyed the originals and have liked all EZ"s i've tried.....I dig em

Me too Mickey!  I'm splitting a toro 5 pack and robusto 5 pack with a friend. 


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Ky70 "trying to pull back on SA Maduro buying" <-------LMFAO!

ROFL!   I tried Charlie....really, I did!

LOL this guy^ ;-)

How long did it last?  :D

Ha ha !! I think I went 2 full months. That's a solid Effort. My intention is still for new purchases to be flavorful non Maduro cigars
So, will you be picking up the BLTC Morphine LEs? Haha, I'll bet the answer is yes, Ken.
Sam, I still have never tried any BLTC cigar. I always changed my mind anytime I got close to buying...I always felt the regular prices were a couple of bucks too high



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