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Taken from their website:

It’s a “GO”. Our 3rd Annual River City Big Smoke is Saturday, APRIL 26, 2014 from 2:30 PM till 6:30 PM at The Event Gallery, 956 Parrett Street, Evansville, Indiana. Well have lots of Food, Free Cigars in a “Goodie Bag”, great Door Prizes, Free Liquor Tastings, and lots, lots more!
This year’s event will benefit the Indiana Premium Cigar Dealer’s Association. This is an association we have established to protect your rights to enjoy fine cigars in Indiana as well as work with lobbyists to get the Indiana Cigar Tax capped at $.50 per stick. If we succeed this will save you at least $1.00 per cigar.
Because this is now an “Industry Event” we’re asking many of our manufacturers to attend and to donate some of their best cigars for our goodie bags. We’re also asking our manufacturers to support this event with some great door prizes and anything else that will help us make this a really special event.
Last year’s event was our best ever and everyone agreed a great time for one and all. This year we plan on it being even better! Due to The Event Center’s maximum capacity and the number of cigars we can ask manufacturers to donate, we’re limiting tickets to 250 total. The price will be $75 each which is all inclusive except drinks from the cash bar.
We will do our best to have tickets available for sale at Cigar! Cigar! by March 21, 2014. Our plan is to make sure the cigars and accessories in the “Goodie Bag” exceed the ticket price, so the food, door prizes, liquor samples, etc. will be icing on the cake!
This is a great opportunity to spend a few hours with your fellow cigar aficionados and enjoy some fabulous premium handmade cigars from some of the world’s best cigar makers. Please mark the date on your calendars and plan on having a great time Saturday, April 26, 2014! More info to follow as it develops…!

My brother hooked me up with a ticket for my birthday! Anyone in the area going and want to smoke and drink with me?

To order tickets call 812-401-1202

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