A while back I received this Espinosa Habano in a movie pass from Craig. I've had the toro and the robusto, both of which I enjoy very much. But I'd never had this size; in fact, I didn't think they made it in a smaller vitola. So, when I got it in the movie pass, I did a little google research and discovered that this vitola isn't a regular production, unless I am incorrect on what Craig sent me. It seems like it is the 5 x 42 corona, and if so, this was only available at the 2013 Chattanooga Tweet-up. So, even if Craig scored these by some other means, this is a pretty rare cigar. And a very good cigar, I might add. Thanks again, Craig (btw, if you have more of these, and are interested in trading or selling, let me know).

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Yea these are event only (not only the Tweet-Up) and are a very rare product....the best cigar to come out of La Zona (IMO), although I have only smoked one. I have seen these pop up on the after-market but I acquired mine via Espinosa Event, great smoke...LUCKY YOU! 

btw, I finally got my DE BOTL 2013 but in the Corona Gorda size, from a great BOTL ;)

Hey, your persistence paid off!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labors! 

While it is good to know they can be had at events, that is no good to me, since, as far as I know, there are no shops in Seattle that carry enough Espinosa to warrant an event. 

This was a very, very enjoyable smoke. 



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