Off the bat I will say that this cigar would probably benefit from some rest time for a week or so in your humidor.  I found the tobacco to be a bit moist. 

But I will say that there was some great flavor in this cigar.  It started off earthy but later turned a corner and coffee, milk choc, some cedar and a raw nutty profile come forward.

At times it remind me of the Santeria which I really really enjoyed a lot.

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What was the price point, if you don't mind me asking. I have enjoyed the Gonzo and the Santeria, but found that they (especially the latter) were a bit spendy for what they delivered. 

$9-11 price range.  A bit high yes.  But I personally really enjoyed the Santeria a lot.  The Carnavale has some similar notes but I think it is more complex than the Santeria because it delivers more flavors to the table.

Any cigar with ASP is worth $9 IMO. I love that tobacco, sooooo rich!

Yea these have the highly prized ASP Esteli Ligero in them...I really want to try one.



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