Tom Navarro, the original DE Ambassador, posted the above picture on Instagram earlier.  According to the comments, while a release date, if any, and a name have not been officially announced, JD indicates the "Undercrown Manifesto is possible special edition that we have been working on since John Krump brought us the German cigar mold as a gift last year. More to come on it. 11x38".

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Super lancero?

JD showed this last night on CC. Looked like it came in a coffin box of 2 and they were wrapped in a cool looking tissue paper with Manifesto banded in the middle. I would so love to get my hands on a 2ct box of these for a special occation cigar.

Yea, that thing had killer packaging. 

SUPER WICKED PACKAGING! I want one hella bad just to have....I wonder how good it draws at 11inchs x 38ring?

If they do go for sale they will probably be a unicorn and go for $15+ per cigar

if the UC pig is 16, no way this is a 15 dollar cigar, if, that is, it ever sees the market (much like the LP Unico 'A')

The Pig is a $12 cigar, No way is it $16. and it is waaaaay harder to produce a 11in cigar and have it properly smoke, not to mention the wrapper leaf has to be the largest on the plant to wrap that length.

Rumor is that this will be similar to A. Buy Liga box, get A. Buy UC box, get Manifesto. But that's just what I'm hearing - can't back it up yet.

Sounds right...

I thought the manifesto was only available as a gift to people who attend the cigar safari.  If it will be available to the general public, I am in!

This was based on the Liga Krump that I've talked about previous which was a 13.5 x 38 from a German mold. I've seen people with their hands on the Manifesto already and it looks like they're making their way to events to supplant the Liga A series.

The Manifesto and Liga A's have both been at events. Krump gave JD the mold for the Manifesto and it is a 11x38. I want one bad!



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