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How do they smoke I have seen the brand but have yet to try them?

Its a fantastic little smoke.  I was herfing with Phil Zanghi when he handed me a bag that included all the Debonaire vitolas to sample.  He told me (and the other guys at the table) that he created the First Degree to be a smoke that the working guys could have - cops, guys on a 30-minute lunch break, etc. Its a petit salomon that probably took me over 30 minutes to smoke, but not much more, and that's mainly because I smoked it to the nub. It delivers a nice kick for a short smoke as you get some nice pepper with a bit of wood and the faintest of floral flavors.

Definitely worth tracking down some of the Debonaire blends.


I believe highly in the Debonaire brand.

Excellent description gonna have to hunt some down. I like to have a smoke when I am at lunch and do not like taking something I am going to have to throw out half way through.I bought some Nicaraguan 2nds from cbid but ugh! lol This sounds like a perfect alternative, thanks for heads up. Do you know the price point?

Not sure - haven't seen anything yet.  I'd assume in the $7 range, but that is completely a guess.

Are they in New Jersey yet?  How did you like it?

They are not - Phil just gave me one. Not sure when they'll arrive on sale. I thought it was a great little smoke. Not sure its my favorite size, but its great for a quick, short smoke.


They have no presence in Michigan either. Will they be expanding their reach in the near future?

I have no idea, but I'll try to get you an answer.

Interesting, I am intrigued now



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