As part of the 15 Days of Giveaways, #Day10 involves providing feedback on the app.  We're looking for ways to improve the app, please give us your opinion.  Only responses to this thread will count as entries.

Thank you.

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I received a push notification and then couldn't go back and find the notification later...would be great if we could go back and see old notifications.

my account then notification center.....they are all in there

Nope, right now, I only have the last 3 notifications in the Notification Center...
#Day10 this is only the second notification I've received on the "15 Days of Giveaways"
So I'm 2/10....not a good ratio

We didn't want to spam people so we haven't sent notifications out everyday. I think we have sent three in total.

Using the app back button vs. the device back button. I always use the device back button and it takes me back to the starting of the app instead of just back on page. #Day10

#Day10. Love the app, and agree with a lot of the suggestions here. Two thoughts, however.

First, rather than having the notification and inbox as sub categories under 'my account' I'd prefer them somewhere on the main page, even if I have to keep scrolling to the right to find them. I had to hunt around to find them, and (at least to me) where they are right now didn't strike me as the natural or intuitive place to put them -- though I will admit I am a tech idiot).

Second, for the inbox/messages, right now the app takes you to the desktop web version. I'd prefer something that looks and functions on the app like the forums and blog posts. 

Oh, and if you can help me be less of a technological idiot, that'd be great too!

One more thing: is it possible that when I receive an email notification (either about a message or a reply to a forum or pic) that the link can take me to the app rather than the web version? 

Good point about notifications location!
I am using it in IOS. There does not appear to be a way to view a specific forum in the forums section. It would be nice to have a view selection similar to the selection box that comes up when you post a new topic #Day10
Android phone

I have to use the desktop view to edit posts.

I can't upload photos on the photos tab.

Other than that I think that the app has a lot of potential and will get better with time.

I've enjoyed the app so far.  I think it offers a great starting point, with the ability to make changes on the fly that help cater to the audience.  I did figure out yesterday that the app does not like when I'm using Swift-key app for my typing.  (I use IOS)  Once I switched back to the normal IOS keyboard, all my issues were eliminated.  Great work!  #Day10



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