So my local B&M finally got the line of Crux cigars...they picked up the Passport (lancero/corona/belicoso), Original, Bear & the Bull, Skeeters and a few others. This is my first go at this brand (other than the Nifa's) and I would like to hear your thoughts/experiences with these cigars. I picked up nearly the whole line because of how reasonably priced these are. I know they use Premium Plasencia grown tobacco and their cigars are rolled at the factory. Thanks everybody I would love to hear what you think....


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I recently won some of their stuff and some pre release stuff. Will let you know when I smoke them.

I'm jealous...I've been following their website to see if they will have a B&M in Colorado, but no dice. I will likely end up calling a retailer from their website and see if they are willing to put a sampler together for me. I'm interested to hear your thoughts once you smoke them.

Such a bummer trying to find some of these cigars. Happy Hunting.

You go to their website and there are 3-4 retailers that sell them online (singles, 5ers, and boxes). I ordered a few Ninfa's online before my local shop got them in.

What did you think of the nimfamaniac?

They are great if you like th

I weaseled the Ninfa Dark, Passport, Classic, & a little Skeeter. Will let you know what I think after they've acclimated to my humidor.

Hey Charlie, 

What is the asking prices on the Crux's?

Crux are very aggressivly priced cigars....I would consider them cheap premium cigars. A corona is at about $5

It's like your local spot knew that Crux was coming on CigarChat this week!  that's nutty

Yup, so far ahead that they even went to the IPCPR knowing they would be on CigarChat so they would be in stock by the time the show aired. LOL



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