I'm real surprised there isn't more attention to this upcoming release.  Namely, considering people really love the Headley Grange and  Headley Grange Drumstick.

This one is pretty close to a Drumstick.  I don't have the details but I imagine you will need to call Federal Cigar and inquire about availability.

Here is the story...


Order INFO Below:


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Jon mentioned this to Logan and I awhile back... I like the idea... I'm curious to see the price point on them

Sounds like it could be good. I really enjoyed the Drumstick. Hopefully the price on this one will be a little more affordable.

I will be scouting a box of these out for sure, hope I can get my hands on them. My all time favorite size! Not a bad blend either.

I saw on federal's twitter feed that they will be reserving some for internet sales, though to be sure you get some they said you call and place an order this friday, the 11th. The phone # posted on twitter is: 877-424-4270. 

If I were to guess a price point, I'd say 8-9/stick. 



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