Crowned Heads 2016 Angel's Anvil v. Tennessee Waltz/Texas Rose/Paniolo

Anyone had both the 2016 AA and any the Waltz, Rose or Paniolo?  I think the 2016 AA is really good but am curious how similar it is to the blend used for the Waltz/Rose/Paniolo (I have not had any of the 3).

Same curiosity with the soon to be released Las Calaveras 2016 as this one also has Conn. Broadleaf wrapper, with Nicaraguan binder and filler.

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Thanks Jay. I enjoyed this years AA too

2016 AA didn't impressme I am a fan of the Rose 

Thanks for the input An

So I just picked up my first AA '16 this weekend...was going to give them a week of humidor time before I fired one up. Considering its EPC made + Broadleaf wrapped I'll probably like it more than the Rose/Waltz/Paniolo.

I enjoyed the Rose the most out of the Waltz but I didn't like the Paniolo at all. Smoked through a 5 pack and 3 of them had construction issues and 2 had off flavors...wont buy more of those. But its like that with most MF made cigars...very hit/miss for me, the Tat TAA is the only I can 100% trust.

Good info Charlie.  So the 2016 AA is made by EPC, while the Waltz/Rose/Paniolo were all MF made?  

The LC16 is also MF made...curious if it is Crowned Heads way of more widely distributing the Waltz/Rose/Paniolo blend (LC16 has same components) or if the LC16 is different in some way.

Isn't that the 64,000 dollar question, Ky? Lots of the CH blends coming out of MF are broadleaf -- waltz, paniolo, rose, 2 different mason dixon, and now the 16 LC. I know which ones I like and which ones I don't, but the cigar nerd wants more blend info.

I didn't realize the 2014 Mason Dixon North were Conn. Broadleaf.  I liked them when released but they are really smoking good now. 

I see the 2015 South uses CB but I haven't had those



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