Crowned Heads 2016 Angel's Anvil v. Tennessee Waltz/Texas Rose/Paniolo

Anyone had both the 2016 AA and any the Waltz, Rose or Paniolo?  I think the 2016 AA is really good but am curious how similar it is to the blend used for the Waltz/Rose/Paniolo (I have not had any of the 3).

Same curiosity with the soon to be released Las Calaveras 2016 as this one also has Conn. Broadleaf wrapper, with Nicaraguan binder and filler.

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I've had all of them, Ky. I've smoked through a whole box+ of the Waltz, a half box of paniolo, a 5er of the Rose, and only 1 2016 AA. I like the Waltz the best. That blend in that robusto extra vitola is a very good balance of broadleaf sweetness, earth, pepper, and hints of citrus. The paniolo is a very dirty/earthy smoke, and some had a very tight draw. I found the rose to be a dialed back version of the Waltz; not as much strength or body. This year's AA was all broadleaf sweetness, with only a mild bit of pepper coming through in the second half. Now, I've only smoked the one, and might smoke another; but I'm not in any hurry to do so. Of the four, the one I seek out and try to keep in my humidor is the Waltz. 

Great info Stefan. Confirmation that I still need to get the Waltz

I've had the Rose and the Paniolo.  The Rose was a quality smoke, but wasn't quite memorable for me.  I just smoked the Paniolo today and really enjoyed it.  Enough that I was asking in the Chat Room where to get more.  I noticed a tighter draw than I prefer, but I used a v-cut and I haven't used a v-cut for a few months. 

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some AA, and I'm still looking to pick up some Waltz.

Thanks Doug. Interested to hear your thoughts on the AA
Doug, the 2015 paniolo is the same blend as the waltz and the rose. The 2016 that you smoked today is a different blend, as I understand.

Yea, I was just reading that.  This year's is a new and undisclosed blend.  Honestly, it would be sweet to get these in a sampler somehow.  A CH store exclusive sampler.....I know, pipe dream. :P

I just got the TAA 16 but IMHO Waltz > Paniolo > Rose.

I thought the Rose was not that good.

Christ I hate when I agree with you.....

This is what I said, but with greater brevity...

The TAA 16 is gonna be very good I think.  Rose was a disappointment for me after having the Waltz and Paniolo.  Jury is still out on the 16 Paniolo - I have some, smoked one and determined July would be a good time to revisit it.

Great info gents. Thanks

Ive only had 2 waltz, and 1 AA my subject range is rather small.

That said, I REALLY enjoyed the AA.   The waltz just wasn't my bag. Not bad....just not me. Unless Im thinking of another smoke...that one was very citrusy, yeah?  If so, it just wasn't my thing.



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