Alright, Oregonians, I'm on my way. My official travel plans look something like this:

  1. Wed. Nov. 4th, Arriving PDX on AA from Phoenix ~5pm. Taking the MAX from the airport to get downtown. Staying at the Quality Inn Downtown Convention Center, 431 Multnomah
  2. Wednesday night would be a great night to get together, as I will have absolutely nothing requiring my time that night. No conference anything. If we could get together for dinner and whatnot, that would be great.  Would prefer a place with beer selection, but not just beer, because I don't want Charlie to be stuck sipping bar water.  Best choice, IMO, a local brewpub so I can be certain I've never had their beer before, super extra bonus if they allow smoking somewhere on the premises, or with a place to herf nearby that we can relocate to after dinner. I'll be making my way over to the Deschutes pub at some point during the week, but I've had my fair share of their brews.
  3. ANY recommendations for food, brews (brewpubs, taprooms, restaurants with a killer selection, stores with a build-your-own-sixpack, etc), coffee, etc. are MOST welcome, especially if it comes with a MAX or Streetcar stop you know to be nearby. 
  4. I won't be BUYING any cigars this trip, but recommendations for cigar-friendly places are welcome, too (I know, you're in nanny-state-ville, this is harder)
  5. Aside from Wednesday night, if anyone wants to plan anything in particular on any other night until Sunday, usually after 6, let me know. Otherwise, we can make it a big, one shot deal Wed.
  6. My food is paid by the college. My beer is not. Sampler flights are my friend.
  7. Any other suggestions for anything else are all welcome.

See you soon!

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We should meet up Wednesday because I'm flying to Miami on Thursday.

See, there you go. Wednesday.

Wednesday is good for me too.

Food: - The Downtown Portland Location on SW 3rd is right off the Max. - also Downtown pretty close to the Max. Great Vietnamese food. - you really don't have to but it is a popular tourist thing in town. The SE location is much more mellow if you can make it over there. - good pizza and they always have local beer on tap


These are some local tap rooms that have good selections: (Cash Only) (Bottle Shop and Tap room) (Cash Only) (Bottle Shop and Tap room)

Breweries in SE Portland:

Breweries in Downtown Portland

I had every intention of joining you guys but I'm out of town until late Wednesday and just found out my kids don't have school Thursday and Friday. So I can't make it down at all. I'm sure you'll manage to have fun without me tho!!!

Places that are within walking distance of  your hotel:

Pine State Biscuits - Do you like biscuits and gravy?  Fried Chicken?  Bacon? Cheese?  Eggs?  Well you can get a Reggie Deluxe.  A sandwich which includes ALL OF THESE is their specialty, and they're just a few blocks north of you.

Burnside Brewing and Sizzle Pie - OK, so there's supposed to be a Sizzle Pie that's part of Pine State, but I'm not certain that it's done yet, and they have a full location just south of the Convention Center.  Burnside Brewing is right across the street from them.  They have a few rotating taps of their own stuff, and like most breweries around here have varying styles, mostly focusing on hop-forward stuff.

The Green Dragon is about a 20 minute hike, but It was worth it for me when I was at the Convention Center a few months ago.  They've got around 30 taps which usually includes some hard to find stuff, and is almost always about 50% Rogue(their parent company).  The food is pretty good, and they allow cigars out on the patio.

Just down the street from The Green Dragon is The Commons brewery and tasting room.  They brew mostly Belgians and Sours, if you want something a little different than the usual PDX stuff.

If you hop on the Blue Line Westbound at the north end of the Convention Center, you can head downtown, which includes a few good spots to grab a beer:

Kells Irish Pub - As we've discussed in chat, this may be where we end up meeting up.  Great food, decent beer, tons of whisky, and a large smoking lounge.

Baileys Tap Room - Right down the street from Kells, they have 25 rotating taps and a bottle shop.

Voodoo Donuts - It's basically a tourist trap with donuts.  If you really want to wait in line for an hour or 2, they're pretty good, but most locals wouldn't really recommend it.

Ground Kontrol - It's a bit of a walk, and always crowded, but you can't really beat beer, bar food, and arcade games!  

See? I knew I could count on you guys.

Ok, from chat room discussion, it looks like the plan will be Kells Irish Pub Wednesday night.  My flight arrives ~5, and I'll be taking the Red Line to my hotel (or close enough). Once I check in and drop off my stuff, I'm going grab the Blue Line and head that way. I believe I have all you locals on Twitter (except Charlie), so I can DM everyone (except Charlie, may have to actually get a cell #) once I'm in town and times become more concrete.  Grab some whole bean at Stumptown next door, then settle in for some food, drink, and smokes.

Damn! I may head down to meet you guys



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