Since we figured out that we have a bunch of Comic Books we need a thread on it.

Let's start with Graphic novels for Rob:

Killing Joke

Dark Knight Returns

JLA: Tower of Babel

Superman/Batman V1. Public Enemies

spiderman: kraven's last hunt

Spiderman: Birth of Venom

DC: Kingdom Come

DC: Justice

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Thanks Clerk

I use to use Comic Rack, a couple years ago.  

ok, so I found a way to get Marvel Unlimited on my Kindle Fire HD... at first I didn't like it...felt like I was zooming in and out a lot just to be able to read... but I think I figured it out and I'm really diggin it... keep in mind that I have never read any of this stuff before, so to have access to just about everything that Marvel has ever done is pretty awesome... Granted you can't access anything that is less than 6 months old, but still I'm impressed with it...

Here is what I have been reading:

  • Daredevil (2011-2014) - I'm on issue #8 and I like everything about it... has a similar feel to the Netflix series, but no Fisk...
  • Thor: God of Thunder (2012-Present) - on issue #7 and i freakin love this... 
  • Hawkeye (2012-Present) - I actually got the graphic novel for Xmas last year and it's the first 5-6 issues i believe... I read it awhile ago and liked it, so I'm gonna dive into this one too...
  • Deadpool (2012) - on issue #4 and... eh... it's ok, but i lost interest...

I did some research and these are some spiderman books that seem to be really popular... any thoughts?

  • Superior Spiderman - never been a big Spiderman guy...
  • Scarlet Spider - he seems to be popular



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