Since we figured out that we have a bunch of Comic Books we need a thread on it.

Let's start with Graphic novels for Rob:

Killing Joke

Dark Knight Returns

JLA: Tower of Babel

Superman/Batman V1. Public Enemies

spiderman: kraven's last hunt

Spiderman: Birth of Venom

DC: Kingdom Come

DC: Justice

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Are graphic novels separate story line for the comic series?

it depends on the novel.  Some are just comics that were storylines, some were written as novels.  the ones above were all printed in comic form, but KC, Justice, and Dark Knight returns are outside of the regular stories and are meant to be read as a self contained story

I love Hawkeye's current stuff. Hakeye: My Life as a Weapon single handedly brought me back into comic books. Have you guys read any of that stuff?

I thought i'd revive this thread with all the talk about Avengers and Daredevil, etc... as you all know I am a huge Star Wars nerd and yesterday I finally gave in and picked up all the new Marvel stuff...

I grabbed:

Star Wars: 1-5

Darth Vader: 2, 4, 5 - Gonna have to get 1 and 3 online

Princess Leia: 1 - not sure this series is for me so I grabbed issue 1 and we'll see... has a mild anime look to it that I am not a big fan of...

Kanan The Last Padawan: 1-2 - not too sure about this series either, but I grabbed the 2  issues they had and we'll see...

what are you guys reading?

I haven't read Leia or Kanan yet, but I've really been enjoying Star Wars and Darth Vader.

I hear the new Star Wars comics tie into the new movies.  Very cool thread! 

The Star Wars story is set between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back... and so far I'm really diggin it... granted I've only read the first two issues, but still...

in a funny twist, it turns out that the Subculture Studio guys used a variant cover of issue #1 as the muse for the painting they did on my travel humi...


Variant cover of issue #1

That's so cool.

I was tempted to have them paint the laptop... I'm collecting images that I like for next year... gonna bring something bigger for them to paint... Hardshell carryone bag, bigger travel humi, or something... 

Hot Damn Rob, I love that!!!!!!

What are comics going for nowadays... the last comic book i bought was $3.00

I believe that is the low end these days.  Truly outrageous indeed. 



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