Since I had already weaseled a nice batch of Twin Engine Coffee Cigar Batch #1, Rob decided to hit me with some of the brew he swills at home, the Peerless Coffee French Roast Classic ( ).

I'd post pics, but it's already ground and now looks like, well, everyone else's coffee. So, just going to drop my quick impressions about it on you intstead.

While I'm not tasting any "notes" in particular, what I notice right away about this coffee is that, despite the very dark roast, there is almost no "burnt" taste to this coffee at all and the acidity is very low, even drinking it black.  Usually I would expect to taste at least a LITTLE char on a bean this dark, but it just isn't there, and that's very nice.

I prepped this, as most of you do, in an auto-drip pot, though I use a Mr. Coffee 5 cupper with 5-6 spoonfuls of grounds (equals somewhere between 4-5 tablespoons) as I like to go about a tablespoon per cup. Any more than that, and grounds will be all over the inside of my coffee maker.  It has a reusable basket filter, which I like because with home-ground beans (or most grounds in general) some of the smaller particles make it through leaving a a little bit of grounds in the cup (yes, I like a little sludge in the bottom).

I usually drink my coffee with just a little plain creamer in it, but I always try a new coffee black so I can taste it straight before I start messing with it.  This blend was excellent black, with, as I mentioned, no burned taste and almost no acidity or bitterness, and paired very nicely with my donuts!  I put a little creamer in the second cup and it made everything nice and smooth, with that underlying bold, dark coffee flavor.

Overall, nothing mind blowing or particularly complex, but a good general dark roast coffee for those who like strong, bold flavor in the morning.  Thanks to Rob for the hookup, looks like you have a pretty good cup of coffee every morning!

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Glad you enjoyed it!  I've been drinking it for years and I just opened up a new bag when I was sending the TE stuff out... so I figured why not...  I have a ton of it, so LMK if you ever want more...

Thanks for mentioning Twin Engine. Now on my to buy list. I'm definitely of the cigar paired with coffee school of thought, as well.



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