In the spirit of Sharing our Pairings, we need some CigFed licensed bad-ass eagle drinkware: coffee mugs, pint glasses, lowball glasses, stuff like that. Truthfully, all I really want is a big black coffee mug with the bad-ass eagle logo, but hey, I drink beer too.

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I'd purchase...if I couldn't weasel them first

How bout a pint glass for my Kombucha ;-)

Pint/ low ball/ whiskey glasses would be effin awesome. I'm leaning toward pint glass (for mass appeal sake.)

A nice button up shirt with a collar.

Tulip Glasses

I second the coffee mug. That'd be awesome. How about a koozie? The guys from Dissident do those. 

And if you don't want to commit to having a bunch of inventory on hand, do it through an on-demand site like Cafe Press.  Then they only make stuff when it's ordered.



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