I'll be at the Camino Real the night before, Tuesday March 14th. I'll be bringing down at least one bottle of scotch for our tradition of bottle sharing during the week.

Anyone else flying down the night before?

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I had planned on flying in the day before, but somehow messed up when buying the ticket, and am arriving with everyone else at noon on the 15th.  I'll probably be picking up a bottle of something on the way down, but not sure what yet.  very likely a peated scotch... also obviously some FdC 7 Blanco.

Live for me guys!

Safari attendees, are you out there?

I'm flying in the morning of...

I'll be thinking of you and if you are going to be live I will tune in from my porch with a Liga of some sort...

Justin just asked me into going with him - I think we'll be there the 14th......



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