As I was going through my humidor this past week I got to thinking that I have won a bunch of cigars from Cigar Chat. Thanks Logan!

Then I was also thinking there are some cigars that I probably would have never tried, if I had not won some from the show. Some of these cigars have inspired me to go out and buy more, and I really enjoy them on a regular basis now.

I wanted to create a thread dedicated to those cigars that we have been turned onto due to winning samples on Cigar Chat.

One that immediately came to mind for me was the Southern Draw Kudzu. This is a cigar I smoke regularly now and I probably would never have tried them if not for winning a sampler.

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Thanks Logan?  Really?

I mean, I love this post and everything... but come on...

This true, thanks to you too!

Great topic! I too would like to thank Logan and Rob,and Surgeon occasionally. I think it was Cigar Chat that put Warped on the map for me. The other 2 I had no idea I would enjoy them as much as I did. There are a few others I have won and enjoyed but these 3 really stand out for me.

Tierra Volcan
Wilson Adams Habano
I've scored my share, but the one that stands out, that I still keep buying, is the Cabal Short Robusto. I love that stick.
Thanks to Rob, Logan, and John!! Love Cigar Chat and have definitely been introduced to some cigars I probably would not have found on my own!
I second the Tierra Volcan.
Lots! Most memorable would be the L'Atelier lancero, fratello bianco corona, Wilson Adams lancero, Southern draw kudzu, and warped flor de valle.



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