I'm just curious. I was kind of exploring the site a little more tonight, and I noticed under Contests, there is a place under CigarChat Giveaways, where you can click to take you to this form. On the form it says you must fill this out every week and if all the information isn't filled out then you're not eligible to win. I put all my information in and hit subscribe at the bottom and it goes to this other website called ActiveCampaign and asks for a username and password, So I put in my username and password for this sight thinking they were connected but it comes up and says that it's not valid. So my question is, how and when do you sign up for the CigarChat Giveaways in order for it to accept your information? Does it have to be the same day of the Chat? Any help from anyone that has signed up for this before and knows the answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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I do Robby. Lol this is Brandon Barnett. You've read a few of my questions on air. Great show last night

oh yeah, I know you do... just wanted to clear up any confusion... thanks Bro!

No problem thank you sir. Haven't had giveaways the last couple weeks though right? Just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything lol. My humidor is looking dry so I'm in the process of trying to restock :)

nothing the last few weeks... the guests supply the giveaways and the last few weeks have being kinda sans guests... we have some stuff from Mombacho to give away next week, so look for that...

You know I'll be there. I'll be thinking of some questions.

#weaselintraining right here.

This Thursday might have some really good prizes (just sayin') :)

And of course we're lifting the mods can't win rule.

...Right Logan?

I think that'd only be fair. 



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