I'm just curious. I was kind of exploring the site a little more tonight, and I noticed under Contests, there is a place under CigarChat Giveaways, where you can click to take you to this form. On the form it says you must fill this out every week and if all the information isn't filled out then you're not eligible to win. I put all my information in and hit subscribe at the bottom and it goes to this other website called ActiveCampaign and asks for a username and password, So I put in my username and password for this sight thinking they were connected but it comes up and says that it's not valid. So my question is, how and when do you sign up for the CigarChat Giveaways in order for it to accept your information? Does it have to be the same day of the Chat? Any help from anyone that has signed up for this before and knows the answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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Actually, the BEST way is to ask a question for the Chat, then listen in to the show. They usually pick winners right at the end based on who they thought asked really good questions.

Go to the Cigar Chat page, make sure that the upcoming show is the one pictured, and then follow the instructions on that page on how to post a question. It's done through Google Hangouts.  That's the best best. Post good questions and watch the show. Odds are pretty good any given night :)

Okay I will do that. But what's up with the form thing that it sends me to that says I have to fill out every week etc. And then sends me to a different page. Is that something totally different?
Yeah, I would say that's probably out of date :). Too many people signing up here and not watching the show, I'd bet. Weasels always weaseling... Gotta put in at least SOME effort, right?
I agree completely. I'm probably going to end up watching the show tonight from class with headphones. But I definitely want to catch the show.

Logan likes to be insulted in the chatrooms during the show...practically guaranties you to win cigars 

Solid advice.

This is the one way NOT to win anything

Lol Logan I wouldn't insult you sir. Even if they were serious, it's not in my nature so I'd rather not win anything than to insult anyone for any reason for the sake of winning anything. Not worth it to me. I think you and Robby do a great job on the show and I thoroughly enjoy watching it on Thursdays. In fact I schedule it and put everything else aside so I can watch it.

What link is this?

yeah guys, this link is outdated... if you want to win stuff from CigarChat, we give away about 60 cigars per week, then you need to come to the shows and ask questions or listen to the podcast (if you can't be there live) and enter that way...

Where's the best place to catch the podcast?  iTunes? Wondering more about archives than live shows, if I can catch it I'm usually on the video feed.  Thanks Rob!

If you're using Apple, then iTunes (throw us a review!). Otherwise Stitcher, Podbean, Player FM, our podcast is picked up by pretty much all major podcast curators. 



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