I've been involved in a project for almost a year now that involves smoking and analyzing a lot of cigars blind. The input I and a few other 'analysts' provided have gone in to a database of cigar characteristics (construction, burn, aromas, flavors, balance, strength, value for the buck, etc.)
Anyway there's now close to 1200 cigars from across the board (standard NC stuff, boutiques, limited releases, Habanos, and more).
The principals of the project have recently gone live with a website designed to learn an individual's profile and preferences so as to recommend cigars they believe he or she would enjoy based on the analysis compared to his likes.
While probably most useful for the newer smoker in particular, there's value in this for anyone. Even with years of smoking experience, through the process I've been recommended cigars I may never have tried otherwise and some have been fantastic for me. As well I've found quite a few new favorites through the blind tastings along with a few that just don't sit with my palate.
It is a subscription site and while I am affiliated do not have any financial stake. I do however get to smoke several cigars a week at no cost to me!
The value proposition is that while there is a moderate monthly subscription, by avoiding one cigar that you aren't particularly going to enjoy you've saved the cost of the service. You'll also hopefully find the cigars recommended fit well with your palate.
One of the premises of the service is that, unlike reviews and general recommendations where your palate may not match theirs, this is designed to learn what you like and make recommendations from that. 
Like most, I also use reviews and recommendations to decide on trying new smokes, particularly where I've found the individual has a palate similar to mine though that doesn't necessarily always pan out.
In regard to changing tastes, the profile adviser adjusts and refines your preferences every time you enter tasting notes based on the characteristics of the cigar and how you rated your enjoyment of it.
I am interested to hear people's thoughts and opinions on their perceived value of something along these lines.
So, what do you think?

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Hey Mike - I've heard similar efforts previously, and I know there is a similar website out there that has been promoting through a few sites over the past couple of months - CigarFly.  I'm intrigued, though.

Couple of questions:Is there a demo? And how much is the cost? I'd be hesitant to spend money on a service without "knowing" that the service is "good" or something that would "work" for me. CigarFly, for example, is free, but I didn't love the results the first time I tested it so I definitely wouldn't pay for it, but if it worked...maybe.

Good luck. I'll be eager to see how this plays out. I'd be concerned that there are so few potential customers that making this a pay-for-service isn't the best business model, but I'm interested in seeing what comes of it. I'll be watching.

Thanks for your feedback.

I just checked out Cigarfly and while it is an interesting approach it seems you have to buy and  'trust' they'll send you a pack of cigars you'll like.

The difference with Cigar Sense is that you enter the profile and characteristics of cigars you like and they recommend cigars to try. No retail so you're paying the basic rate ($5/month) to avoid spending coin on cigars you might not like and hopefully finding cigars you love. If you find you don't have to pitch one cigar a month that wasn't to your taste, I'd say it's worth that.

There is a fair bit of detailed information, sample reviews and some videos that walk through the concept.

You're right - I just went to CigarFly, and they've changed the model.

When it first started, they would ask you the basic flavor profile questions, and then they would tell you 5 cigars that fit your profile and you could buy that sampler. Their new model is not one I prefer! :O

Thanks so much, Mike, for talking about our project in this forum! Excellent people! I have just noted now, as I have been on cigarfederation merely to buy cigars for our panel!

Long time no see Franca!!!

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