Its that time of year again and we've already seen a few Top lists come out.  Got me thinking - if you made a list for Top Cigars of 2014, what would be on it?

We're doing things slightly different this year, and we want your help.  Beginning later today, we will begin announcing the Top 10 Cigars on Cigar Federation's Top New Releases of 2014 (#10 will be posted today, and #1 will be announced on December 19th).  I'll track the list here, but we also want to put together a FedHead Group List.  If you'd like to participate, please respond to this post and tell us your Top 10 Cigars Released in 2014. 

Please note that the only requirement is that your list include only cigars released this year! If you only have 1 2014 release that makes the list, or you have 20, that's fine - we want you to join the discussion so share with us.  At the end, I will tally up all the votes, and we'll add to the discussion!

Here is what has currently been announced from the Cigar Federation Top New Releases of 2014:

#10 Warped Flor Del Valle

#9 Nomad C-276

#8 1502 Emerald Lancero

#7 Arandoza Red

#6 Nomad Connecticut Fuerte

#5 D'Crossier L'Forte

#4 Herrera Esteli Norteno

#3 Crux Passport

#2 Ortega Serie D Black

#1 Crowned Heads Jericho Hill

To see last year's list, click here.

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I think it's cool. I do understand what Coop says as well, but based on the sites focus, your list is your list and as long as you execute on the format that you outline, no one can say that your list is wrong.

Also, with it being a result of a group, the list can end up different than what each of the participants think it should be as well. This is a similar format of what we do, so based on the input of others, the results are sometimes quite different than what may be expected.

There is room for all of the different lists that come out.

Only #1 left...what will it be?!



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