I'm looking for suggestions for a decent cigar lounge/bar in Punta Cana for Americans, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Generally Useful Jared is down there right now.  Send him a PM or catch up with him on Instagram.

Last time I was there you could smoke pretty much anywhere at the resort except for the restaurants. Outside of planned excursions I didn't leave the resort.

Don Lucas Cigars is a fun place to visit. They are a very small cigar factory and also operate a small chocolate factory. Their gift shop has a great selection of cigars and rum too. They will come pick you up from your resort in a van and take you there for the tour.

Don Lucas Rum Bar and Cigar Lounge is gorgeous.  Fun tour of their cigar operation, which always comes with a free cigar to smoke during the tour, chance to buy lots of cigars, souvenirs, rum, chocolate, etc.  In the lounge/rum bar/shop, TV's set up to watch sports, big seating areas. They're mostly there to sell you rum, but they have a second singles humidor (aside from the big one in the shop), now with plenty of Dominican, Cuban, and now even Nicaraguan cigars, plus their own blends of course. If you're in no hurry to get back, it looked like an excellent place to sit and hang out.  You just have to let them know when you want to be taken back to your resort.  Dominican cigar prices are reasonable, Cuban prices are elevated but they are definitely legit Cubans. The resort shops are truly hit and miss. Plenty of good stuff, but also plenty of glass top Cohibas.  The resort I was recently at, Iberostar Dominicana, had a truly amazing shop, better than many I've been to in the States. Many just have cigars in their gift shop (again, be discerning), but just about everywhere has plenty of smoking areas, in fact, non-smoking is usually reserved for indoor restaurants and your hotel room.

Wow!, thanks for the details Jared. My company's President's club trip is there next week. My position is new and wasn't eligible last year, I am however, eligible this year. Many of my colleagues smoke cigars and I will pass along the information. Thanks again.

Let's face it, there are cigars EVERYWHERE in PC. If you don't leave your resort, best bet is Dominican brands, if you go to Don Lucas, it's all good, even the house brand, and the rums they sell are pretty amazing. Personal experience, my resort shop was so amazing, and yet the gift shop right across the plaza, same shopping area, had piles and piles of oh-so-fake Cubans - glass tops, faded misplaced box seals, non-existent sizes, the works. I wondered if the guy running the good shop (who rolled house cigars for them and his fresh roll was very nice) was ever irritated by the crap they were selling literally right across from his shop.



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