I've discussed this with a few of you and decided it was a solid enough idea to organize.

If you don't know what a Super Bowl Box Pool is, you take a 10x10 grid (100 total squares).  The AFC Super Bowl representative is at the top, the NFC Super Bowl representative is on the left.  After all the boxes are chosen/bought, I will randomly select numbers 0-9 out of a hat for the top/AFC boxes and do the same for the side/NFC boxes.  At the end of each score, you take the final digit in the score of the AFC and NFC teams, and find the corresponding box and the person who "owns" that box is the winner.  It looks like this:

(NOTE: The above image is an EXAMPLE!)

If the score at halftime is Giants 21 - Patriots 17, Box 36 would be the winner, for example. Make sense?

Now, the fun part. 

  • * Each box "costs" 5 "premium" cigars. We won't be too strict on what "premium" means, but we're not looking for dog rockets! ;) On the other hand, I don't expect 5 HTF cigars, Opus, Liga, Padron Anni., etc.  In the end, if you question it, just ask.
  • * You can "buy" up to 4 boxes at this time. If we have boxes leftover after the Conference Championship games, I'll likely open it up to buy as many as you'd like. Now that the Conference Championship games are over, there is no limit to the amount of boxes you can "own".
  • * You must mail me your "payment" and I must receive it within 5 business days or your box will be "reopened".  We won't be too strict here, but make sure you send your entry in a timely manner. You can PM me for my address.
  • * To enter, see the spreadsheet here and reply to this post with a box number (or numbers).  That box becomes yours (first come, first serve so check replies before yours) and it is your responsibility to get me your "payment" in a timely fashion.
  • * As soon as the boxes are all purchased and paid for, I will randomly select the numbers and post the final version of the spreadsheet as a comment to this thread.
  • * Payouts:
    • 1st Quarter: 50 Cigars
    • Halftime: 80 Cigars
    • 3rd Quarter: 50 Cigars
    • Final (including OT if applicable): 300 CIGARS!
    • Boxes N, S, E, & W of Final: 5 cigars each

I think that's it (but I probably forgot something). If you have any questions, please contact me.

EDIT: To make things easier, I've uploaded the spreadsheet to Google Sheets here.

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Congrats to all the winners.  Makes a game much more fun when the wager is on the line!  Wish the game would have been better and the Broncos didnt go for that damn 2-point conversion.  LOL.  Great group of guys to be doing this type of stuff with.  Look forward to the next gambling adventure.

Look forward to your march madness pool!!!

I apologize for the horrible pictures, but wanted to loop you all in. First, a picture of 258 cigars (of the 500) set up and sorted to ensure we had an even dissemination amongst the prizes:

Now, what the 300 cigar grand prize looks like:

All the packages ready to be dropped at the post office:

Wow, that's awesome. Thanks for putting this together. It was fun. 

great job with this matt.....it was tons of fun.  I can't imagine how much work that was on your end to get this all put together.



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