I have been ordering from cigar federation for a few years now. I was recently highly disappointed in the customer service they offered. I usually pay using PayPal and have the Pay After Delivery (PAD) feature enabled on my account. I've made multiple orders from the Cigar Federation Store using that feature. It's nice because I can manage some extra cash flow around paycheck time. 

Recently, it wouldn't let me do it on a few particular items. I was ordering a box and the option wasn't there. I e-mailed customer service and asked why not (after verifying with paypal it was a merchant issue/option, and not a paypal issue). Days later I receive a short response that stated, I don't think we have ever had that feature. 

I e-mailed back and showed them my PayPal receipts and that I have done the PAD option multiple times dating back a year or two.. Guess what, a week went by and I haven't had a response. 

They have officially lost my business. I ordered my box elsewhere, and hey, it was cheaper anyways. 

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I'll see you guys there.

Funny, I'd say over 80% of online purchases I make from a variety of retailers nowadays accept Pay After Delivery. So I wouldn't say it's uncommon at all. 

Suggestion:  Contact PayPal and ask them why it no longer works for those items.  Perhaps they have changed their policies.

"With Pay After Delivery, buyers don’t have to pay until they receive the item and ensure it's what was expected. Only certain purchases offer Pay After Delivery as a payment method. If it’s available, buyers will see the option on the Review Your Information page during checkout."

Source: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ918

Wow. That escalated quickly ;)

My two cents. Customer service issues can't be avoided. It's the human element in sales, and even online sales. I've had two orders go awry with small batch. Both times they've fixed it. I've had two orders go awry with the Cigfed store. Both times they've fixed it. I've had orders go awry with Anthony's. I'm still waiting for them to fix one of them (Shad probably has my box of tatuaje taa, though). Point is, it happens, and each of us has the freedom to take our business elsewhere or to be patient until the problem is fixed.

You're complaining, however, about a payment service, not an issue of them sending you the wrong stuff. If they aren't aware of that service being offered through paypal -- even if you've used it before, but now you can't -- I don't see why you'd make a blanket condemnation of their service. It's certainly your right to take your business where you want, but it seems unreasonable that you'd demand they offer you this service. Don't they have a right to take what forms of payment they wish? I know online retailers that don't let you pay with mastercard (for reasons out of their control). Should I go to a forum and say, "they've lost my business?" No. Just like the customer has the freedom to purchase wherever they would like, so too the retailer has the freedom to take certain forms of payment.

I guess at the end of the day, I just don't get the angst (especially when there is essentially one guy running the whole customer service, shipping, etc. for the cigfed store). 

I for one think this is all Logan's fault.

What valid concerns DP raised about the customer service situation can still be handled between him and Logan without any part of this DP post further for exposure.

In other words, all of you/us are not going to know about it on average either way...

Logan has the option to apologize to the customer for not getting back to the man after two attempts were made to reach him through customer service contact link,etc..

That would be the only thing I would find fault with on Logan's end from what has been said from this DP customer, no one ever getting back to him within a standard legitimate amount of time.

The customer is always right. That is running a professional business.
Those of us in business who can handle it still get rewarded appropriately throughout a successful legacy of having a brick and mortar building or as a distributor for years.

Had to add as frustrating as it is the above comment from HardlyClerkin is Hilarious!
Reply "I for one think this is all Logan's fault."

All of you/us/we ready to uphold a professional business in the public sector here is your customer to deal with:


Ha, good one Clerk! ;-)
How have they not fired Logan yet?



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