I have been ordering from cigar federation for a few years now. I was recently highly disappointed in the customer service they offered. I usually pay using PayPal and have the Pay After Delivery (PAD) feature enabled on my account. I've made multiple orders from the Cigar Federation Store using that feature. It's nice because I can manage some extra cash flow around paycheck time. 

Recently, it wouldn't let me do it on a few particular items. I was ordering a box and the option wasn't there. I e-mailed customer service and asked why not (after verifying with paypal it was a merchant issue/option, and not a paypal issue). Days later I receive a short response that stated, I don't think we have ever had that feature. 

I e-mailed back and showed them my PayPal receipts and that I have done the PAD option multiple times dating back a year or two.. Guess what, a week went by and I haven't had a response. 

They have officially lost my business. I ordered my box elsewhere, and hey, it was cheaper anyways. 

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Pretty sad....

So, I'm just gonna go ahead and say this and put it out there.  

How many times have you posted a discussion commending the store for the quality service you've received in the past few years?  My guess is that you haven't.  Instead you have done what people these days like to do; wait until you have one bad experience and then blast the company for being horrible. (re: just about every negative review on Yelp ever)  

You could have chosen to reach out to Logan directly and privately and let him get a chance to make things right, if you were not getting solid communication with the general customer service email.  I have had issues in the past, myself, that he was able to help with.  And I did so privately.  Now I'm not saying you are not allowed to do what you did.  But you gotta give them a chance to make things right before putting them on notice, it is just the courteous way to do things.

One last thing.  I'm not sure if you are aware, but this week is IPCPR and I can almost guaranty people prepping for travel and travelling may have played a role in slow response times.  Just a thought.

Wish you the best and enjoy those cigars  :)

This week is IPCPR, and I e-mailed a week ago. That is a lame excuse, as I'm sure these "Customer Service" people aren't heading to IPCPR.

I don't know Logan, nor should any customer have to in order to receive good service or good responses to issues. 

Ya Doug, that is what is pretty sad.  Joined a year and a half ago, was welcomed by Logan (no reply), favorite cigar is a Liga Privada No. P (whatever that shit is), no posts, no interaction with this group and then feels the need to post regarding his need to manage his cash flow at the end of a month to buy boxes of cigars?  Dude, if you can't manage your cash flow enough to outright purchase cigars you probably shouldn't be making those purchases and cigar federation is probably doing you a favor.

Good luck as you move forward with cigar smoking, cash flow management and purchasing boxes of cigars elsewhere!

Unlike you all I have better things to do with my time than chat on a cigar thread.. My usage of PAD has nothing to do with not having the cash flow. Nice job making assumptions. It has to do with budgeting and different accounts. It's also a great way to utilize PayPal's service guarantee that if there is an issue, you have time to resolve it. Do you know what this feature is or ever used it? Maybe you should look into it before you speak. Funny thing is Cigar Federation just set up the buy now pay later feature with hard credit pulls for customers. I won't be using that. 

As far as not posting anything, I've posted reviews on the store website. And I have to say it, but whether or not I've commended them on the average service over the years, has no bearing on if I should post on here about a bad service experience. 

Customers expect a certain level of service, if they don't receive it, they should go elsewhere. That is what competition does in a market. They had a chance to make things right when I e-mailed them, twice. If customer service can't handle a customer complaint, then why do they even exist? If the owner needs to be contacted to handle something, what does that say about him hiring people that can't? 

Disclaimer: I've always had good experiences with CigFed Store customer service.  They have always been quick to respond and eager to please.  If my experience makes me 'biased', so be it.

It might be helpful to understand that IPCPR + the FDA reg. deadline has the whole industry swamped.  Also, keep in mind that trade show preparation takes more than a week.

Why not email customer service again and ask about it before making a post such as this?  Perhaps they're waiting for an answer from someone higher up or they may have simply forgotten to respond.  People make mistakes sometimes.

P.S. - Nice job making an assumption that the customer service rep isn't going to IPCPR.

You are right, I will e-mail them again and follow up. Maybe some odd thing happened. 

However, I will say this. This isn't the first time customer service failed to respond to a request of mine. It happened about a year ago as well. 

As far as whether or not a customer service rep is going to IPCPR, they have these little devices people use called smartphones. They are pretty neat, they let you know when an e-mail comes in and you can even respond back right away.. It's amazing technology!

Not only that, the question was e-mailed over a week ago. I'm pretty sure IPCPR wasn't going on then. 

In case you missed it the first time:

"It might be helpful to understand that IPCPR + the FDA reg. deadline has the whole industry swamped.  Also, keep in mind that trade show preparation takes more than a week."

What is all this nonsense....You young guys get off my lawn.....
I try not to get sucked into this crap, but:

1. If you have better things to do, why join the site at all? Might it be for the discount? Hmm...

2. You're right, most people probably don't know abouy PAD. Most people probably don't use it, and many retailers (certainly smaller ones) probably don't accept it. Personally I think if you're going to use an uncommon payment method, you can't always expect 100% smooth sailing or even for the retailer to fully understand what the issue might be. Let's face it, we're not talking about a huge company with a fully staffed IT department or a major online merchant. With these smaller retailers that are B&Ms with an online presence, we're talking about cigar nerds selling to other cigar nerds.

I have a confession......I am indeed a cigar nerd.....

Damn, it felt good to get that out in the open!

LOL Shad. Group meeting is Thursdays at 8 EST.



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