I listened to Logan and Rob's 5/19 Cigar Chat last night....

I want to commend these two guys on a great show last night. Both of these guys said a lot of things that needed to be said on the FDA and the current state of the roadmap in the battle against them. 

Proud to call these guys friends!

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Wow, from the small amount of information the article provides compared to the documents that were filed, it sounds like a decent argument in my eyes.

Actually thanks for the heads up on this second lawsuit.

One thing that concerns me about this particular lawsuit is how e-liquids not only calls out tobacco products as harmful.

Agree, Coop. Like it or not, these products have all been thrown together under one umbrella by the FDA. If they pick each other apart, that only misses the point of this entire charade: it is an issue of our rights as American citizens, not one form of tobacco vs. another. I think the FDA would welcome such a claim, in fact. It gives them ground to argue they need to test all these products in order to find out what's actually in them, whether they're harmful or not, etc. Don't give the FDA any ground upon which to stand. 

Finally got a chance to listen to the episode this morning and read through this post. One of the big takeaways is that facts, reason, and logic have failed to win this battle. At this point it is going to be about attempting to find or create legal loopholes. This is going to take an immense amount of money and high powered lawyering.

Does the FDA really have carte blanche authority to regulate any and all products that contain tobacco? That's what this is about now. IMHO.

The FDA says that Congress gave them this authority as a part of the Tobacco Family and Control Act. That I do think is the crux of the lawsuits against the FDA from the vape community, and hopefully soon from the cigar community - namely is the FDA overstepping its bounds?



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