I listened to Logan and Rob's 5/19 Cigar Chat last night....

I want to commend these two guys on a great show last night. Both of these guys said a lot of things that needed to be said on the FDA and the current state of the roadmap in the battle against them. 

Proud to call these guys friends!

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I agree wholeheartedly, Coop. Who do we need to bug to file an injunction? Like Logan I am flabbergasted this hasn't happened yet.

Agreed.  There is a lot at stake for all citizens, whether they enjoy cigar smoking or not. Now if we could just get the casual cigar smoker to wake up and hear the time bomb ticking.

"Smoking [a] cigar is no longer a lifestyle.  Smoking [a] cigar is a sign of freedom." - Rafael Nodal

I might take a punch in the face for this but everyone is screaming about CRA now more than ever. But all I've seen is a petition that was released after a petition was already made. And I can't help but to think there was a meeting amongst some CRA members on the topic of why didn't we think of this first how do we redeem ourselves on this, oh we'll say the wording needed to be different and then make another petition.

Maybe CigFed can get CRA on Cigar Chat?

That would be nice.

Agree Garron. By all appearances the CRA is dropping the ball. Now, could they be doing something behind the scenes? Sure, but it doesn't appear to be the case. Moreover, where are all the big companies, both manufacturers and retailers? I'm starting to think that some of them may just be happy to let the boutique brands go the way of the dodo bird.

I don't know everything that's been going on, but I know that Glynn posted earlier this week about some big organizational meeting he had in DC.  My hope is that they're working on getting everyone on the same page before any organized action takes place.

I thought I heard Glynn Loope say something about IPCPR having a war chest set aside from manufacturer contributions.  Maybe on the Dojo show last week?  Or possibly Kiss My Ash?

Could be.  I know Saka's mentioned the war chest as well

I think Logan echoed what a lot of us have been thinking.   We're definitely ready to bring the fight, but need some organization in place to do so.

In my opinion, why is CRA the only one taking the hit?

Where are the manufacturers? There are very few of them stepping up. I don't call "stepping up" posting an "FU FDA Comment" or reposting a petition on Facebook.

As Logan said last night - this takes MONEY, plain and simple. 

While I applaud a group like SavetheLeaf.Org for taking initiative, they have (as of now) a gofundme page with a whopping 4 donors for a grand total of 120 bucks.!. That is beyond laughable and I feel bad for the guys running that group because they are trying. For all of these manufacturers (large or small) "rallying behind this cause", shame on all of them if they do not get these numbers up.  I honestly think many of them think they can donate cigars to this cause and they are doing their part. I'm not trying to pick on anyone, but when I see numbers like that - I have to question the commitment.

I will admit, I am not happy with the new White House petition, but that's another story. 

So there has been a joint CRA/CAA/IPCPR meeting this past week. We should hear more soon (I hope). The problem I have is that this plan should have been ready to go on May 5th. I'm not sure what everyone was waiting for as they had 2 years to get their stuff together. Stefan, I will say, I think the litigation to be filed will come out of these meetings.

Funny thing is, e-cig folks are already on this, legally speaking. Suits have been filed. http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/21/e-liquid-business-takes-on-fda-in...



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