So, I have a small office in the house. In that office there are built-in cabinets. They're nice, but whoever came up with the idea left a big giant hole without a cabinet.

It didn't take me long to think that this would be about perfect for cigars.

The space is 24" wide, 12" deep, and 66" to the floor. I'm thinking of going about 30-36" tall though. And I just noticed that the adjacent cabinet is 48"... hmm...

I'm still playing out the whole thing in my head. Fortunately I live near a couple great sources of Spanish Cedar: I can get 1/4 x 4 x 30" planks for $5 all day long. Quick math suggested, though, that I'd be looking at around $200 in cedar planks... plus cabinet front, hardware, and glass.

You might notice a few boxes in the photo. Now I'm thinking of lining the vertical sides with boxes. From time to time I can get these free from one of the B&Ms in town. If I had to pay for the boxes, it'd end up cheaper to buy the planks. The shelves, top, and bottom (horizontal surfaces) will be put together with the planks. If I can get enough boxes gathered up, then I'm estimating the entire build to be $100... Perfect for me since I'm without a job.

I still haven't decided on the humidification process. I've really been thinking making a drawer at the bottom for kitty litter. I had someone the other day recommend the Cigar Oasis, though, other than his recommendation, I hadn't heard too much good about them.

Anyways, just thought I'd share this hopeful project.

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PS: what's wrong with the word hol-e?

Hahahah no idea. It just blocks the word.

I think this would be super cool to do. One thing to consider. Do you plan on staying in the house for a while? I was going to turn a closet into a humidor but decided against it because I was going to move soon.

I wold recommend active humidor with a Cigar Oasis XL2 or something. I got it for my cabinet humidor and it seems to be working well thus far.

Thanks for the nod to Cigar Oasis. I keep thinking more and more that it's the way to go. I should dig around my old reptile keeping supplies and see what else I can find.

We just bought the house back in September. I hope it'll keep. :D

I use a Hydra brand humidifier in my cabinet. It works very similar to the Cigar Oasis and mine was at a fraction of the cost. I use a small cigar oasis unit in my aging humidor and it doesnt appear to be built as well as the Hydra I use. I also wired two computer fans to computer power source with a switch which constantly circulates the air in my large humidor.

Sounds good. I'd like to turn my wife's closet into a humidor. Wonder if she'd go for that? :)

ha! good luck with that... what about her shoes?

Took a few boxes apart today and got started laying things out. I'm using tape right now to get things where I want them.

Do you think you will be able to create a tight Spanish cedar lining by using box lids?

I think it should be good. Once everything is where I want them, I'll tack them down more permanently and fill the cracks with cedar sawdust and silicon. 4 of the six total sides are already nice and tight because of existing walls and cabinets. Just the bottom and front to really worry about.



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