I know we just had one for Thanksgiving, but Christmas and the holiday season is a big one.
So, what are you or will you be smoking?

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Yes!!  Thinner and more absorbent that ever!!  Change them twice a day with a little wet nap wipe down - Love them!!

This made me laugh hard twice.
I will be home all day on Christmas, so I will be smoking something, but not sure what. The city smoke ban takes affect 1/1 so I may hit the local crap hole before then for the last hoorah!
Argh! Enjoy it, MM. Hopefully someone will make their garage amazing (and heated) in the near future.

Enjoyed an Opus X Angel's Share on Xmas.  GREAT Cigar!! 


Me and my pops ended up smoking a pair of Fuente Anejo Sharks, and I bombed him silly. It was a great time! He did have that Thomspon Cuban Mistake Churchill and I brought it back with me.

Well, that sounds like it was great, Garron. And I can't wait for a review of the Cuban Mistake.
Damn. I guess I'm gonna have to huh, lol. I'm up for the challenge.
You'll have to at least smoke it and let us know, that's for sure. I will say this: my absolute favorite Connecticut is a Thompson exclusive for under $5. You may be surprised. And...possibly not, haha.



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