I know we just had one for Thanksgiving, but Christmas and the holiday season is a big one.
So, what are you or will you be smoking?

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Today, I'm taking my brother to eat BBQ and we're meeting some of my friends for a holiday herf. I'll be trading smokes with a fellow CFedder, Evan, and we'll all be drinking beer, playing dominoes, and enjoying cigars. I'm planning to bring some Dominincan smokes today, so I might go with a Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration, an AVO Classic Covers, an Opus, or a Caldwell Last Tsar.
Christmas itself will likely be Padron time. We will be home for once, and it should be a low key day. I have one 80 years Maduro and that might be the time for it.

I'm headed to see my pops this year. He says he has a Thompsons's Cuban Reject or 2nd (or whatever it's called) waiting on me. I just got him into cigars last year a little. Anyway I'm hoping I can take a pair of OpusX or maybe something milder (Quesada 40th Corona Clasica, etc.) to smoke with him, and then toss the one he has for me in my travel humi. I've really been cringing at the thought of smoking that, especially on Christmas, I do really appreciate the thought...but damn. 

Your post made me laugh out loud, Garron. Let us know what you end up smoking. Have a merry Christmas!
Well played Garron!

Heading to my dad's for the weekend and nobody smokes...anything.  So most likely I won't be smoking until Monday night.

Boxing Day, then!

I'll be enjoying something tomorrow on my rest day, then again on Saturday while I cook the turkey outside on the Pit Barrel.  Christmas day is a no-go, but I'm going to try to smoke as many as I can the following week.  

I have no particular cigars in mind, but I would like to work in a Padron in there at some point.  Last year's New Year's Day smoke was a 1964 Anniversary Natural and I may smoke either that or the TAA Maduro Belicoso.

Sounds like a great plan, Jeff.

Been thinking about this for a couple of days.  "Yes" and "I'll rummage about and pick something" are the best answers I can come up with.  Merry Christmas.

That's usually how it goes for me too.  Whatever interests me at the moment I'm digging around lol.

My brother is coming over Christmas eve and Christmas - and other family - I mention him because he will smoke with me.  So, garage bound with beer, dart and football on the TV.  As far as what I will smoke?  Who knows, like my underwear - depends.

Shad they have really come a long way with Depends haven't they? And the cool thing is, when you gotta go, you go! Lol



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